Living room furniture, home accessories

1. Glider/ height adjuster

  • EL – Long caps with at least 6 mm base
  • EC – Caps for round tubes with enlarged base
  • PSP – Heavy duty caps for round tubes

2. Floor protectors

  • FZK/RU – Round adhesive felt pads
  • GRFW – High duty glides with nail and high quality wool-felt (ecru-greying) overmoulded
  • PC – Round furniture feet (stopper, buffer) with nail

3. Inclined glides/ glide caps

  • RS – Angled glides for round tubes for furniture/framework
  • RSUG – Round angled glides with PTFE slide base for furniture/framework
  • RSG – Angle glides for round tubes with variable angled slide base and stash protection

4. Gliders /plugs with straight base

  • GGM 2000 – Heavy duty articulated glides with stainless steel slide base
  • DGGM – Articulated-glides with metal slide base
  • JPRE – Adjustable feet with stainless steel

5. Nail gliders

  • RMS o.S. – Round furniture feet with hole for countersunk screws/nails
  • GR – Round furniture glides with nail
  • GMS – Steel furniture glides

6. Skid glider

  • GK – Long furniture glides with felt base (spacers, stash protection elements)
  • SP – Light duty clamping shell glides for round tubes
  • SGXH – Radius saddle feet made of polyamide for tube-based cantilever chairs with slide base

7. Glossy plug

  • CTM – Sight plugs with chrome-/nickel-coloured metal cover for round tubes
  • CRM – Sight plugs with chrome-/nickel-coloured metal cover for round tubes
  • CGR – Bright chrome plated sight plugs for round tubes