Production & Assembling

Injection moulding

In injection moulding, a wide variety of plastic parts are produced from liquefied plastic with the help of moulds.

The idea becomes a product.

This is where it is decided whether all the parameters have been defined correctly beforehand and matched to each other in the optimal combination. The consequence of this is that during production

are guaranteed at the highest level in the long term.

This effect is achieved at b-plastic by:

Mould technology and plastic injection moulding systems are combined in such a way that maximum effectiveness is achieved in the injection moulding process.

All injection moulding machines of different configurations and sizes are connected to a central production management system and monitored via IT. During the entire production process, a fully automatic material conveying system ensures that exactly the amount of plastic granulate corresponding to the current production order is available for each machine. Production takes place in two shifts.


In the assembly department, individual components are assembled into the finished sales item. These individual semi-finished products can consist of

The assembly process and the degree of automation depend on the end product and the production volume.

In order to ensure the best possible flexibility in the assembly technology and to gradually recognise and utilise further optimisation potential, the automatic machines are developed, designed and manufactured in-house right from the start.

All automatic machines are equipped with the latest control and process technology. This process also enables us to react flexibly to customer wishes, for example, should modifications to end products in our standard range be required.

All semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly systems are integrated into the production management system.

Some features of the production and assembly departments at a glance